Da Ma & Kevin Wang introducing Volcano at KubeCon Europe, 2019

Intro: Kubernetes Batch Scheduling

[Kevin Wang]

time icon May 22, 2019 2:50 PM — 3:25 PM
location icon Barcelona, Europe

Intro: Kubernetes Batch Scheduling


Introducing Volcano : A Cloud Native Batch System for High Performance Workload

Barcelona, Europe

Introduction to Cloud Native Batch System

Kubernetes started as a general-purpose orchestration framework with a focus on serving jobs. As Kubernetes gains popularity, users want to run high-performance workloads on Kubernetes, such as Spark, TensorFlow, and so on. Running these workloads in Kubernetes requires advanced capabilities, such as fair scheduling, queuing, job management (suspension/resuming), and data management. We will present the achievements that the community has made in “batch processing”.


Klaus Ma (Founder of Volcano & kube-batch, Co-leader of Kubernetes SIG-Scheduling, Technical Lead of CNCF Research User Group & SIG-Runtime)

Klaus is a founder of Volcano & kube-batch, co-leader of Kubernetes SIG-Scheduling, technical lead of CNCF Research User Group & SIG-Runtime, and global team leader of IBM Spectrum Symphony CE & L3. He is a team leader, system architect, designer, and software developer with 10+ years of experience across a variety of industries and technology bases, including cloud computing, machine learning, big data, and financial services. Klaus is currently serving as an architect at Huawei.

Kevin Wang (Principal Engineer, Huawei)

Kevin is a Principal Engineer in HUAWEI CLOUD and currently working on Kubernetes, KubeEdge, Volcano, and HUAWEI CLOUD container products. He is the lead of Huawei Kubernetes & Cloud Native open source team and a co-founder of CNCF KubeEdge and CNCF Volcano.