A Command Line Interface (CLI) is provided for you to manage resources.


  1. You can obtain the latest executable file by cloning the code from GitHub and running the following command in the root directory of the project:

    # make vcctl
  2. Copy the executable file to $PATH. You then can execute it anywhere.

Command Line List

Listing all jobs

vcctl job list

# vcctl job list
Name    Creation       Phase       JobType     Replicas    Min   Pending   Running   Succeeded   Failed    Unknown     RetryCount
job-1   2020-09-01     Running     Batch       1           1     0         1         0           0         0           0        

Deleting a specific job

vcctl job delete –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl delete job --name job-1 --namespaces default
delete job job-1 successfully

Suspending a job

vcctl job suspend –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job suspend --name job-1 --namespace default

Resuming a job (opposite to “vcctl job suspend”)

vcctl job resume –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job resume --name job-1 --namespace default

Running a job

vcctl job run –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job run --name job-1 --namespace default


For more information about Volcano command lines, run the following commands:

# vcctl -h
# vcctl [command] -h