A Command Line Interface (CLI) is provided for you to manage resources.


  1. You can obtain the executable file vcctl from the release package volcano-{version}-linux-gnu.tar.gz. Decompress the release package. The file is under the path volcano-{version}-linux-gnu\bin\amd64. Alternatively, you can obtain the latest executable file by cloning the code from GitHub and running the following command in the root directory of the project:

    # make vcctl
  2. Copy the executable file to $PATH. You then can execute it anywhere.

Command Line List

Listing all jobs

vcctl job list

# vcctl job list
Name    Creation       Phase       JobType     Replicas    Min   Pending   Running   Succeeded   Failed    Unknown     RetryCount
job-1   2020-09-01     Running     Batch       1           1     0         1         0           0         0           0        

Deleting a specific job

vcctl job delete –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl delete job --name job-1 --namespaces default
delete job job-1 successfully

Suspending a job

vcctl job suspend –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job suspend --name job-1 --namespace default

Resuming a job (opposite to “vcctl job suspend”)

vcctl job resume –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job suspend --name job-1 --namespace default

Running a job

vcctl job run –name job-name [–namespace job-namespace]

# vcctl job run --name job-1 --namespace default


For more information about Volcano command lines, run the following commands:

# vcctl -h
# vcctl [command] -h