The easiest way to get started with Volcano is to download the release package from GitHub and follow the following steps:


  • Kubernetes 1.12+ with CRD support.

Installation Modes

  • Install with YAML files
  • Install from code
  • Install with Helm

Install with YAML files

Install Volcano on an existing Kubernetes cluster. This way is both available for x86_64 and arm64 architecture.

kubectl apply -f

You can also replace master of above url with specific tag/branch (such as release-1.5 branch for latest v1.5.x version, v1.5.1 tag for v1.5.1 version) to install Volcano with specific version.

Install from code

If you don’t have a Kubernetes cluster, try one-click install from code base.This way is only available for x86_64 temporarily.

# git clone
# tar -xvf volcano-{Version}-linux-gnu.tar.gz
# cd volcano-{Version}-linux-gnu

# ./hack/

Install with Helm

Helm is downloaded and installed for your cluster. For details on how to install the Helm, click here.

Step: 1

Create a new namespace.

# kubectl create namespace volcano-system
namespace/volcano-system created

Step: 2

Use Helm charts to install Volcano.

# helm install helm/chart/volcano --namespace volcano-system --name volcano
NAME:   volcano
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Jul 23 20:07:29 2019
NAMESPACE: volcano-system

==> v1/ClusterRole
NAME                 AGE
volcano-admission    1s
volcano-controllers  1s
volcano-scheduler    1s

==> v1/ClusterRoleBinding
NAME                      AGE
volcano-admission-role    1s
volcano-controllers-role  1s
volcano-scheduler-role    1s

==> v1/ConfigMap
NAME                         DATA  AGE
volcano-scheduler-configmap  2     1s

==> v1/Deployment
volcano-admission    0/1    1           0          1s
volcano-controllers  0/1    1           0          1s
volcano-scheduler    0/1    1           0          1s

==> v1/Job
volcano-admission-init  0/1          1s        1s

==> v1/Pod(related)
NAME                                  READY  STATUS             RESTARTS  AGE
volcano-admission-b45b7b76-84jmw      0/1    ContainerCreating  0         1s
volcano-admission-init-fw47j          0/1    ContainerCreating  0         1s
volcano-controllers-5f66f8d76c-27584  0/1    ContainerCreating  0         1s
volcano-scheduler-bb4467966-z642p     0/1    Pending            0         1s

==> v1/Service
NAME                       TYPE       CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP  PORT(S)  AGE
volcano-admission-service  ClusterIP  <none>       443/TCP  1s

==> v1/ServiceAccount
NAME                 SECRETS  AGE
volcano-admission    1        1s
volcano-controllers  1        1s
volcano-scheduler    1        1s

==> v1beta1/CustomResourceDefinition
NAME                           AGE  1s     1s

Thank you for installing volcano.

Your release is named volcano.

For more information on volcano, visit:

Verify status of Volcano components.

# kubectl get all -n volcano-system
NAME                                       READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
pod/volcano-admission-5bd5756f79-p89tx     1/1     Running     0          6m10s
pod/volcano-admission-init-d4dns           0/1     Completed   0          6m10s
pod/volcano-controllers-687948d9c8-bd28m   1/1     Running     0          6m10s
pod/volcano-scheduler-94998fc64-9df5g      1/1     Running     0          6m10s

NAME                                TYPE        CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)   AGE
service/volcano-admission-service   ClusterIP   <none>        443/TCP   6m10s

NAME                                  READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deployment.apps/volcano-admission     1/1     1            1           6m10s
deployment.apps/volcano-controllers   1/1     1            1           6m10s
deployment.apps/volcano-scheduler     1/1     1            1           6m10s

NAME                                             DESIRED   CURRENT   READY   AGE
replicaset.apps/volcano-admission-5bd5756f79     1         1         1       6m10s
replicaset.apps/volcano-controllers-687948d9c8   1         1         1       6m10s
replicaset.apps/volcano-scheduler-94998fc64      1         1         1       6m10s

NAME                               COMPLETIONS   DURATION   AGE
job.batch/volcano-admission-init   1/1           28s        6m10s

After the configuration is complete, you can use Volcano to deploy the AI/ML and big data workloads.