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New features: enhanced plugin for PyTorch Jobs, Ray on Volcano, enhanced scheduling for general Kubernetes services, multi-architecture images of Volcano, and optimized queue status info

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ING Bank: How Volcano Empowers Their Big Data Analytics Platform

user Yunzhi Cheng/Ruitian Tech-Leader
Use case description: Ruitian Capital, an investment company, uses Volcano to build their offline computing platform.

user Junmao Li/System Architect in Pengcheng Laboratory
Volcano use case in scientific research

user Yi Guo/Tech-Leader
Best practice of Volcano at Xiaohongshu

user Yunzhi Cheng/Tech-Leader in Ruitian
Deep introduction about the application practice cases of Volcano in the financial field

user Jian Zhu/Senior Architect in Leinao OS
Deep introduction about the challenges and solutions faced by Volcano integration with Leinao Cloud OS

user Zhe Jin/Senior Engineer in HUAWEI CLOUD
This article uses a traditional HPC application, the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, as an example to describe how Volcano works for HPC applications.

user Hao Li/Senior R&D Engineer in iQIYI
Volcano use case in deep learning and service migration

user PaddlePaddle Team
Best practice about PaddlePaddle distributed training on Volcano