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New features: Support elastic queue capacity scheduling, Supports affinity scheduling between queues and nodes, GPU sharing feature supports node scoring scheduling, Volcano Support for Kubernetes v1.29, Enhance scheduler metrics, Add license compliance check, Improve scheduling stability, etc.

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New features: Support for vGPU scheduling and isolation, support for vGPU and user-defined resource preemption capabilities, addition of JobFlow workflow scheduling engine, node load-aware scheduling and rescheduling support for diverse monitoring systems, optimization of Volcano's ability to schedule microservices, optimization of Volcano charts packages for publishing and archiving, etc.

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New features: enhanced plugin for PyTorch Jobs, Ray on Volcano, enhanced scheduling for general Kubernetes services, multi-architecture images of Volcano, and optimized queue status info

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ING Bank: How Volcano Empowers Their Big Data Analytics Platform

user Yunzhi Cheng/Ruitian Tech-Leader
Use case description: Ruitian Capital, an investment company, uses Volcano to build their offline computing platform.

user Junmao Li/System Architect in Pengcheng Laboratory
Volcano use case in scientific research

user Yi Guo/Tech-Leader
Best practice of Volcano at Xiaohongshu

user Yunzhi Cheng/Tech-Leader in Ruitian
Deep introduction about the application practice cases of Volcano in the financial field

user Jian Zhu/Senior Architect in Leinao OS
Deep introduction about the challenges and solutions faced by Volcano integration with Leinao Cloud OS

user Zhe Jin/Senior Engineer in HUAWEI CLOUD
This article uses a traditional HPC application, the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, as an example to describe how Volcano works for HPC applications.